Adding/Uploading PDFs

Ensure that you have prepared your PDF document carefully in advance. PDF documents can be created using many different software packages.

Your PDF document should ideally be optimised for web use (as opposed to print) in most scenarios. This will provide quicker loading for your users.

Ideally the file name should use lower case letters and numbers but avoid spaces (or unusual characters) where possible.

When your document is prepared and ready to be added to your website, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the page or post where the link to your document will be added
    (create a new page or post if necessary).
  2. Locate your cursor precisely where the text link will be placed (but don’t type any text).
  3. Add MediaClick the Add Media button (above the editing toolbar buttons).
  4. Click Select Files or drag your PDF file into the dotted box. Your PDF document will be imported into the WordPress Media library.
  5. Once the uploading/crunching process has completed, enter the text you require (for the link on the page) in the Title box.
    Title box
  6. Under ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS choose Link To Media File. This ensures that text added to your post will link to the file you have just uploaded.
    Link To Media File
    Click the Insert into Page/Post button
  7. Don’t forget to press the Update or Publish button to finish.

Tips and extras

  • After adding your link, you can highlight your text link, click the Insert/edit link button on the Toolbar and set the link to Open link in a new window/tab.
  • Images can also link to PDF documents. If you haven’t already imported your PDF document (using the steps above), use Media > Add New in WordPress to import your document first. If you don’t know the URL (web address) for your imported PDF, you can obtain this from the Media library. Then simply link your image to this address using the usual image link options.