Using Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider claims to be the ‘world’s most awesome Image Slider’. Often used on home pages to provide prominent visual advertising for products and website content, a website slider displays a number of images (usually the same size), one after another, using various transition effects. In other words, it’s a type of slideshow.

You can add text captions to your images and link particular images to take users to particular web pages. Sliders sometimes provide Next and Previous buttons to navigate between images.

Here are some guidelines on using your slider:

Viewing the options for your slider

  1. Log into the WordPress Admin Panel for your website.
  2. Click Nivo Slider in the left menu bar. WordPress will list all the different sliders available for your website. You might have just one slider for your home page.
    Nivo Slider on the WordPress menu
  3. Click the title of your Slider you wish to edit.
    Editing a slider
  4. In the editing mode, you’ll be presented with thumbnail images of the images used in your slider. Below this are the Settings for your slider.
    Please do not adjust these unless you feel confident to do so.
    These settings will have been determined by your web designer and incorrectly changing these could be detrimental. We strongly recommend discussing any changes to the settings with your web deisigner first.

Uploading new images

Before uploading any new images, ensure that you have prepared your new images in advance. These will usually be JPG images, saved at an appropriate size for web use.
The image dimensions should match those used by your slider.

Your web designer will be able to advise you on the dimensions you should use. You can also discover the dimensions from the Slider Size information in the Settings.

  1. Click the Select Files button.
  2. Open the new slider image you prepared earlier (multiple slider images can be added).
    Your new image(s) will be listed under the thumbnail images.
    Adding a new image to Nivo Slider
  3. Click the Upload Images button.
  4. The new image(s) will now appear at the end of the existing slider images.
  5. Press the WordPress Update button to update the slider with the new images.

Deleting Images from the slider

Deleting images from your slider is very straightforward. Simply click the red cross in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail image to be removed.

Deleting Images from the slider

The image will be deleted. Pressing the blue WordPress Update button is not required.

Editing captions, links and ALT text

Your slider images can be each set to display a text caption. Also, each slider image can be linked to take users to other relevant web pages (when clicked). Setting the ALT text for each slider image will be used by “screen reader” software (e.g. for a person who is blind) – always recommended.

To set these options, click the Pencil icon in the bottom right corner of the relevant thumbnail image.

Setting image options with Nivo Slider

Note that when setting an Image Link, use a full URL (web address).

Press the blue Save Changes button when finished (pressing the WordPress Update button afterwards is not required).

Nivo Slider image options